Improving Teledentistry

Denthom has designed a point of care solution hardware that can be distributed at low cost so that patients can scan their oral cavity easily and receive a oral care plan

Canada needs Better Oral Care

  • In Canada, general oral health care is not included in the Canada Health Act;
  • Canadians who do not have access to regular dental care experience poor oral health;
  • 53% of adults between 60-79 years and 50% of low-income Canadians have no dental insurance;
  • Canadians without insurance are 40% more likely not to see a dentist because of the cost.

Improving Oral Health Remotely

  • DENTHOM’s hardware and software solution enable affordable teledentistry;
  • Patients perform an intraoral scan and receive an evaluation of their dental health status;
  • A personal dental care plan is created for each patient;
  • Patients are then referred to dentists for treatment.

Making oral care accessible

Denthom provides an accessible solution

Low-cost device, quick scan, expert evaluation and referral

Back office support

We generate leads for dentists and provide back office support


Remote Dental Visits Made Possible

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Make oral care accessible

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Point-of-care hardware and teledentistry

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